Microlight three axis fixed wing and flex wing training to NPPL at GS Aviation in the UK and France

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GS Aviation Europe Ltd. Flexwing (weight shift) and fixed wing (3 axis) microlight training near Marlborough, Wiltshire

History of Microlighting

Microlight Aircraft started life in the United Kingdom during the late 1970's, as foot launched hang gliders with small engines attached. These craft were able to maintain level flight at best and evolved over a few years into the weight shift microlight we know today with an undercarriage, three wheels and a seat for the pilot. Three axis microlights, the conventional looking aircraft with a tail and main wing came along a few years later.

At this time there were no design or licensing regulations, so there were some weird and wonderful looking craft during these early pioneering days. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) stepped in during 1982 and the aircraft became regulated and a licensing system was borne, the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) A Group M specifically for Microlight Pilots.

In the UK a microlight aircraft is defined as an aircraft having a maximum all up weight including pilot, passenger and fuel of no more than 450kg.

They are now structurally tested and of course, thoroughly flight tested and approved by the CAA before they can be produced and sold. Microlight aircraft permits, instructors, examiners, pilot licensing and design are now under the wing of the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) and the CAA.

Modern microlights can now carry two people for 200 miles in comfort on a tank of fuel and are flown all over the World. The safety record for microlights is second to none in the General Aviation field.

Graham Slater, the "GS" of GS Aviation has been involved with microlights since the earlier days of Hang Gliding when he competed both nationally and internationally.

Graham now runs GS Aviation near Marlborough, Wiltshire and offers flex wing (weight shift) and fixed wing (3 axis) microlight training to NPPL

History of Flying at Clench Common/Overton Heath

The modern Clench Common airfield sits on the south east corner of the old RAF airfield Overton Heath originally built in 1941 and used as a twin runway training establishment. It was kept after the war until 1948 on a care and maintenance when it was returned to the Crown for farming.
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